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Kim Fox Photography

Perhaps it all began as a child...


Aristotle once said, “The law is reason free from passion.” If that was indeed the case, this recent law school graduate was following the wrong career path, because her life clearly held a passion. Stephanie, a business and law school graduate from the University of California Davis had planned to continue down the road of law. However, when her lifelong interest and passion for event planning and floral design was clearly evident, it was the beginning of a different road she would end up going down.

Perhaps it all began as a child, when Stephanie grew up working closely with her mother. She would assist her with her designing and producing fashion shows, charity galas and sophisticated social events in her hometown of Chicago. Interning at the Four Season’s Hotel, and accumulating the tools to better understand the hospitality industry, Stephanie was able to learn the fine details and skills of Special Event Management.

Becoming a lawyer seemed like a practical and profitable decision for her future. But when she had this instilled passion that was constantly shining through, she stepped back from the world of law. She did not walk away from graduate school empty handed though; she was able to find her husband who continues to be her most loyal and devoted supporter. With encouragement of her loving husband, Stephanie left the legal field and opened up Stephanie Grace Designs, a full service event planning and floral design firm.

Since opening the company’s party planning doors, the team at Stephanie Grace has not stopped creating! Working with so many of the top hotels and clubs in the world, Stephanie Grace continues to grow and flourish with each imaginative event and personal client relationship. This labor of love starting oh so small grew swift and fast and is now three businesses (design, flowers, & coordination), all wrapped into one.

While Stephanie Graces operates as an all inclusive event coordination and floral design firm, we can be hired for any one of our services (coordination, design and/or flowers) on their own.  We love the opportunity to work with other coordinators, designers and florists!

The Stephanie Grace team has loved every moment of our journey.  We continue to be full, rather than free of passion.