Weddings are so special and dear to everyone at Stephanie Grace because they carry with them such a personal natures and the relationships we develop with our couples is unparalleled. From our very first meeting to the moment we help the bride into her getaway car, we are meticulously involved with our couples and love the relationships we create and the event moments we produce!

Our services are concentrated into two main categories: Full Service and Day-Of/Month-Of. However, we also offer custom packages based on an individual clients' particular needs and preferences, such as Three Month or Six Month Event Planning. 

With all our full production clients, whether that be weddings or corporate affairs, SGD produces, manages and executes events with precise attention to detail and organization. In order to properly manage each and every event, we divide the production into five main segments (budget, vendors, design, details and onsite production) to make it more palatable and easily digestable to the client.

  • Budget
  • The budget for an event sets the framework needed in order to build an appropriate scaled and designed project. We work with budgets of all varieties. We start the production process with a thorough budget discussion which includes an analysis on priorities, i.e., band versus guitarist versus deejay. From there, we craft a preliminary budget which serves as a starting point for the coordination process.

  • Venue and Vendors
  • Once the budget is ironed out, we have a good understanding of priorities and dollar allocation. At this point, we start scouting the venue as well as your key vendors such as music, catering, etc. We manage this process by selecting three to five options within each vendor category in order to keep the search focused and targeted. Each client is different in their involvement with this stage and we take the lead from you! The budget is updated after each and every vendor is hired, to keep us on track with the budget.

  • Design
  • As a full production client, you receive the full event design services that SGD offers, from sketches to layouts to lighting. The design process starts with a meeting of inspiration where we review the tone and style for the event. From there, the design team prepares a full presentation of the event which includes sketches, swatches, diagrams, etc. Once approved, we schedule a formal mock up viewing of the centerpiece and any critical components such as china and linens. Once all the design items have been finalized, we are set to focus on the tiny details in the last stage. Details Details: the second to final stage of the production process are all the tiny details. Although we have been working on these details throughout the process, the final stage really fine tunes all the remaining key elements such as shot lists and event flow and timing.

  • Onsite Production
  • The final stage of the production process is the actual Day Of event. Our team of designers and production coordinators are onsite executing the vision we all came up with in the months prior. Overseeing the hotel or catering staff, transportation and all the other aspects of the day, our team is there to ensure everything goes according to plan. With supreme prepration and onsite expertise and knowledge, SGD goes above and beyond to synthesize the day into a streamlined and perfectly flowing event.

    Although our production services are not as elaborate or as involved for Day of Clients or smaller events, our production and coordination is designed to perfectly match those clients' particular needs. For Day of Clients, whether that be Bah Mitzvah or a wedding, we are working hand-in-hand with the client starting about 45 days prior and continuing throughout the production day. With the month duration of preparation together, we are able to synthesize the necessary details and information needed to coordinate your event. We also include an on-site walk through in order to cover and organize the installation details. We work together to review all the necessary details of the day, from vendor contracts to timing, to ensure the day progresses as you envisioned it. Staff members are onsite on the day of coordinating the logistics, checking in with vendors and making sure the details are addressed.

    • Event Production + Management: Logistics, timelines, budget, staffing, production, etc.
    • Venue Selection
    • Vendor Selection
    • Floor Plan + Layout Schematic
    • Entertainment + Talent
    • Security
    • Contract Negotiation
    • Permits, Insurance + Regulations